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Case Management

No need for over-priced, complex legal software. Only the tools you need for an intuitive, time-saving solution.

Get control over your caseload.

Client Visibility

Quickly access all your clients information through a simple list.

Easy Invoicing

We design digital platforms to empower users and your brand's tribe.

Simple Setup

Custom settings to fit your needs without all the hassle.

Streamline your workflow.

Caseload Control (CLC) is a streamlined online case management software designed specifically for legal professionals. By simplifying administrative tasks such as managing client contact information, invoice balances, notes, and tasks, CLC not only saves time but also increases income. Unlike other cumbersome and expensive law office management systems that require extensive training, CLC offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface. With real-time updates on client balances, including un-invoiced time, CLC ensures you never lose money from overlooked balances.

Additionally, CLC includes onboarding services to facilitate data entry and a one-click billing system to recover lost billable hours efficiently. This affordable solution is ideal for solo practitioners and small firms looking to maximize their resources without the burden of learning complex software.

Effortless setup and user management.

Get a quick overview of our streamlined setup and user management features. See how you can manage your users more efficiently with our intuitive tools.

Set up your app, pick a plan later

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CLC Lite


Our entry level plan with all the basics


Coming Soon! VOIP & Email Integration
CLC Mobile


Coming Soon! Native Mobile App


Our entry level plan with all the basics


Coming Soon! VOIP & Email Integration
CLC Mobile


Coming Soon! Native Mobile App

Where can I get help with my Caseload Control application?

Watch our starter videos @CaseloadControlLLC or with further questions Contact Us here.

Is Caseload Control law office management software secure?

Yes. We use Amazon’s AWS infrastructure which is safe, secure, encrypted.

Do I own my caseload data and can I retrieve my caseload information at any time?

Yes, you always own your caseload data whether you are a CLC subscriber or not. Exported data is delivered to you via [csv file, pdf].

How does Caseload Control law office software differ from other legal case management applications?

Caseload Control is Easy, Simple, and Intuitive. There are NO lengthy tutorials, webinars, or demanding demo scheduling requirements. There are no contracts, and cancellation is no-hassle.

Is Caseload Control completely cloud-based?

Yes, Caseload Control law office management software is completely cloud-based, which means you do not install anything to your computer, and it is accessible anywhere you have Web access.

How do I import my caseload data to/from your law office management system?

We will import your caseload data into Caseload Control for $250 with a csv export from your old service. Contact Us here for our data transfer service.

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Try Caseload Control free for 14 days.



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